View Full Version : Announce:New Squeezeslave 0.8-25 release availabe on sourceforge

2009-01-18, 07:53
There's a new release of Squeezeslave available on sourceforge.net.


Feature enhancement information is available on the wiki along with the new command line options.


The linux version now supports; Alsa, IR remotes, USB displays and an on-screen text mode display similiar to slimp3 but the size of the display can be defined when launching squeezeslave. The additional display features require the Squeezecenter patch: squeezecenter_var_size_display.patch which is available at the SourceForge.net link above.

The keyboard and/or an IR remote can be used to manipulate playlists, stop/start squeezeslave, change the volume, now playing, etc.

The win32 release does not have any significant changes over 0.8-12.

You'll notice that this release no longer displays
anything in the command window, except for errors, when launched.

The --signal/-s option is always enabled.

The -L option is now the only way to get a list of the available output devices.

Thanks to all who contributed to this release, especially Graham for the display and IR remote enhancements for linux.


2009-01-19, 09:07
This is great news! Works great for me. I also for the first time tried the text interface. Although the patch applies fine on 7.4 trunk, I hope that it may be included upstream at some point. Is there a bug report on this; I'd vote.