View Full Version : My ISP screwed up location based on IP, any way to get my local radio stations back?

2009-01-18, 07:25
Title pretty much says it all. My ISP has made changes such that my location no longer shows up on the IP based GEO tools. Is there any way to override the location for the local radio stations?


2009-01-18, 07:50
You might try getting a RadioTime account and manually set your real location in your profile. (I haven't yet tried this myself.)

2009-01-19, 07:35
thanks for the reply - I never thought of that and it did indeed fix it. I first tried to just enter my zip code in the box, but that didn't work. So I signed up for an account and restarted squeezecenter to make sure it sync'd with squeezenetwork. Walla - locals are back.

2009-01-19, 15:55
Hey, good to know! Thank you for feedback!