View Full Version : SlimServer Service hanging on XP with latest nightly

Kevin Hawkins
2004-04-29, 17:28
I downloaded and upgraded my installation to the latest nightly of
29th April - previous version was probably a week earlier happily running as
a service. Now when I start XP it is quite strange. The server boots but no
longer recognises the shares that I have in the library folder. If I
navigate into them I note they are 'empty'. Thinking this was the old issue
with the service not having network priveledges I checked and also reset the
account under which the service runs to an admin account. No change.
One other thing... Although SlimServer & XP boots and I can interact
with the desktop I can't interact with the taskbar at the bottom of the
screen - as soon as I move the cursor over the taskbar area eg the 'Start'
menu it hourglasses. If I invoke task manager the whole taskbar disappears
never to return - if I choose shutdown/restart then I am told explorer.exe
is non responsive and has to be quit manually. If I stop slim.exe through
the service manager it all comes back to life again.
I have also had a message along the lines of 'couldn't find task to
quit' or something similar when I quite SlimServer and chose 'yes' to stop
the server too.
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling a few times with similar
results so I have now had to do the install as an application rather than a
service which works fine... Any ideas ??