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2004-04-30, 14:10
Many thanks. That looks to have sorted it out. I was running Norton
Internet Security.

With regards to the crashing, I know about the Shoutcast problem. But
this is outside of that. I'll try running from the DOS window and see if
I get any more info to post.


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It sounds like you have one of the following software packages
installed: Norton Internet Security, ZoneAlarm, or McAfee Security

What these programs do occasionally is stop activity on the socket we
open on port 9000 (the socket the audio is transmitted through on the
Squeezebox)... The reason they do this is because they think they're
receiving network traffic indicative of the AltaVista Traversal Attack.
For more information on the AltaVista traversal attack, please see this
Securityfocus entry:

It's immensely unlikely that this vulnerability would ever cause an
issue for you, for a couple of reasons. For one, in order to even be
running this software, Slim Server would have to be running on a
different port (not 9000), and for two, this vulnerability and this
software are a bit on the deprecated side.

So if you have Norton, ZoneAlarm, or McAfee installed, you might want to
see if it's blocking the socket due to detection of this attack--and
disable it, since in all likelihood it will never become an issue
anyway... But could cause problems with Slim Server.

Regarding crashing, I think what you should probably do about that is
run slim.exe from the command line in a DOS window. And if you see it
crash, just take note of (and possibly post) any errors you see. I know
there are some problems with the v5.1.5 release where the server might
crash when using the SHOUTcast browser plugin--but those are fixed in
more recent nightly builds. You can also check the event viewer's
application log to see if slimsvc.exe crashed at any point. The event
viewer usually gives you at least some useful hint as to why it might
have happened.

Regarding causing the machine to reboot, I have never seen Slim Server
cause this... But again you can also find information about this in the
event viewer. Easiest way to get to the event viewer is to click start -
run - type in 'eventvwr' and hit enter. Something of this nature would
likely be in the system error log...

Kevin P.

On Apr 29, 2004, at 4:11 PM, G-Man wrote:

To follow this up. I don't believe that it is the wireless network.
I've just updated the firmware on my Netgear ME102 Wireless Access Point
and the related software. I've watched the SlimServer halt while
monitoring its wireless strength reading. The wireless strength was at
least 40% when it stopped.

When a song stops it just stops. No chirps, beeps, partial sound etc.
The time remaining freezes and it just makes no further progress. If I
try to fast forward the song, the Slim Server shows 2X or 4X on the
display but it doesn't actually move forward at all. I can change to
the next song in the track and it will work...at least until it stops.
I can go back and start the same song again, but it is likely to stop at
a similar (but not exactly the same) spot.

Also, I've noticed that SlimServer is crashing at times and (I suspect)
causing my machine to reboot at times. At times the SlimServer Service
is stopped and I have to manually restart it. I've seen another posting
about this problem. But it may be related to the problem I'm having with
mp3 files stopping.

Any suggestions?

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Subject: [slim] Slimserver 5.1.5 stops playing MP3 files

I've downloaded 5.1.5 and installed it on my Windows XP SP1 box. It is a
Pentium 4 2.8ghz with 512mb RAM.

When I play MP3 songs via the Slimserver the songs just stop. The
player is still working ok but the songs themselves just halt. If I
move to the next song it works ok but then will stop again. Sometimes
this happens on the next song and other times it happens several songs
later. It is terribly frustrating.

I've checked through the mailing list archives. I've updated my network
card (Realtek RTL8139 onboard port) drivers. This hasn't helped. I've
ensured that the power management for the network port is disabled.
Again, it makes no difference. At no time does the Slimserver lose its
connection with the network. My CPU is not very highly utilised either.

The slimserver is the only device on my wireless 802.11b network.
Can you please advise?

Many Thanks