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2009-01-16, 00:47
I got this message on my sb, and it stopped playing my music. Any ideas?

2009-01-16, 02:04

do you remember more details?
- What was playing (local music, internet music, etc.)
- What devices do you have and how they are connected (SqueezeBox(en)? WLAN/Ethernet, ...)
- Anything else unusual to report (server lockup?)

Has this happened before?

Usually the SB tries to continuously rebuffer data if the stream aborts, but if it fails you'll see the message "rebuffering failed". Press&Hold power on your remote to power cycle the SB. I ran into the same problem many months ago. Reproducing this error became more and more difficult though and the error finally "disappeared" about two months ago...

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2009-01-20, 18:56
I had the same problem when I first installed the equipment. Assuming it was a network reception problem, I moved both receivers, and the problem went away.

Squeezecenter Help is quite useful. Its Server and Network Health option allows you to monitor network reception and buffer fullness at each Receiver, and tells you if there have been any network drop outs.