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2009-01-15, 18:52
Forgive the Australian spelling...
I read in brief a post that alluded to the possibility that one can store a command as a favourite for access in a playlist.
I did a search through the Wiki, but it's rather difficult to find anything in that behemoth.
So is it true?
Can I create a command as a favourite?
The immediate thing I thought of was to create a favourite that switched the "power off" screen saver to blanksaver, then turned the Squeezebox off. I would add this as the last item in a playlist when I listen to music when going to sleep (I'm about to start a little electronics project that will turn my speaers + sub off/on when the squeezebox turns off/on).
So, is it possible? And where is the documentation?
Thanks heaps.

2009-01-15, 19:28
Darn you, you just gave me an idea for some programming... I'd been thinking about making KidsPlay macros accessible from ContextMenu, and maybe allowing some custom macros that'd only be accessible from ContextMenu. Seems like it should be pretty easy to make a kidsplay:// handler so you could have URLs like kidsplay://customMacro1 added to your playlist... please update this thread with whatever you learn!

2009-01-15, 20:01
Hey wow, that sounds great!
I'll keep this thread updated with anything I find out, just don't expect too many breakthroughs on my part; I, sadly, have no programming skillz.