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2009-01-15, 05:26
In trying to wean my mom off of her boombox and onto her Squeezebox, I got to thinking what it would really take. I'm slowly getting her to rip her CDs so eventually she will quit using the CD player but she still listens to the local radio station(s) that have no internet stream.

I've looked at the RadioShark but the reviews seem so-so and I want a really dead simple solution that doesn't have any complex dependencies. I really don't want to get a TV card for their PC just for FM.

How much interest from a consumer (not business) standpoint would there be for a standalone network FM tuner? Something like point your browser to http://tunerip/101.1 and like magic you get 101.1FM streamed to you.

2009-01-15, 05:53
Radsiosharks works fine - I'm not sure what you mean by "so-so".

I found the reception better than an Tuner card and there is no need for an external antenna (although you can use one if you want) which Tuner cards require.

The Radioshark plugin means you tune into "shark://101.9 for 101.1 FM or shark://1049 if you want 1049 AM.

I set up a few favorites which have friendly names and it also works fine with alarms - no worry about broken internet connections for wakeup alarms

2009-01-16, 07:06
The shark might be fine for my parents (they listen to only the stations located in town), but I'm also wanting something for myself. As my sig points out, I run Solaris, which looks like I may be out of luck using the Shark. I did a search for "ethernet fm tuner" and down the list a little something from Naim popped up.


$1500 or so and I don't know how well it plays with systems outside of the Naim family. I'll have to pass (based on price!). It's obviously marketed to businesses or the well heeled consumer (that's not me).

A much more affordable version of that is what I would be interested in for myself.