View Full Version : Slimserver 5.1.5 stops playing MP3 files

2004-04-28, 18:51
I have a similar setup but am using a Linksys router and amplifier and have
had the same problem occur on occasion. i attributed it to my wireless
but really motsure if that is the problem or the software is.



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Subject: [slim] Slimserver 5.1.5 stops playing MP3 files

I've downloaded 5.1.5 and installed it on my Windows XP SP1 box. It
is a Pentium 4 2.8ghz with 512mb RAM.

When I play MP3 songs via the Slimserver the songs just stop. The
player is still working ok but the songs themselves just halt. If I move to
the next song it works ok but then will stop again. Sometimes this happens
on the next song and other times it happens several songs later. It is
terribly frustrating.

I've checked through the mailing list archives. I've updated my
network card (Realtek RTL8139 onboard port) drivers. This hasn't helped.
I've ensured that the power management for the network port is disabled.
Again, it makes no difference. At no time does the Slimserver lose its
connection with the network. My CPU is not very highly utilised either.

The slimserver is the only device on my wireless 802.11b network.
Can you please advise?

Many Thanks