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Paul M
2004-04-28, 15:49
On 4/28/04 1:56 PM, "Daryle A. Tilroe" <daryle (AT) micralyne (DOT) com> wrote:

> Paul M wrote:
>> I have been using softsqueeze with no problem for the last 2 weeks. I
>> recently upgraded to the latest software 5.1.5. I got the prompt to hold the
>> brightness button to update which went well. My problem is when I start
>> softsqueeze it gives me a prompt to hold the brightness button to update
>> even though I'm up and running on my squeezebox and slimp3. Do I need to
>> click on the brightness button on the application itself?? What do I do?
> Try setting the softsqueeze version to 5.1.2. AFAIK that is the
> one which reports firmware '0' (which is a reserved one that never
> needs an update). I hope future versions of softsqueeze do away
> with the version and just report '0' all the time which is how
> I understand it should work.

Thanks very much, worked like a charm.