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2009-01-13, 03:09
Hi all,
I'm a complete newbie. Have purchase a duet but haven't received it yet. Thought I would try getting squeezecenter going (vers 7.3.1) and have had no trouble getting it going on the installed pc. I have tried accessing from another pc on my home network by entering the url but keep getting the "webpage can't be displayed" message. I tried turning off firewalls on both machines but no change. Anyone any thoughts? Tried pinging the url but the ping can't find the host. The squeezecenter service is running in the system tray and I have change settings to login using my user account (which is admin privilege). I'm using windows xp SP3 on the pc's


2009-01-13, 03:23
Remote access to Squeezecenter would be connecting to it from outside your network - what I think you are trying to do is local access to your Squeezecenter (PC1), from another PC on your network (PC2). Is that right?

If so, the won't work - that is "localhost" or "look on this machine". You need to type in the IP address of the machine that is running Squeezecenter (PC1) to refer PC2 to look on that machine. On my network it is

You don't say what OS the machine running Squeezecenter has, but if it is Windows, go Start/Run/cmd/type ipconfig which should give you the IP address for that machine on your network (it should start 192...).

Hope this helps.

2009-01-13, 03:31
Doh!!!! I did say I was a newbie. Works like a charm when you enter the correct address. Many thanks for the prompt response.