View Full Version : What can bridged mode do ?

2009-01-12, 13:48
I am getting ready to demo my Duet to a friend, away from home. So I have setup my SBC and SBR ready for it.

I normally use them both wirelessly via my WAP. I won't have access to a WAP for my demo, so I have reset them set them up in bridged mode. So I can plug the SBR into the local network and use the SBC via its wireless connection.

I'd also like to demo iPeng, but to do that I also need to get my iPhone connected wirelessly (it would so much easier if the iPhone dock had an Ethernet port).

Can I connect the iPhone to the bridged SBR or is that not possible? The SBR shows in my list of wifi networks, but I have no idea what password it would need to get it to connect.

2009-01-12, 14:26
The SBR isn't a full blown Access Point, only the SBC can get access to it. Other than this, birdged mode is supposed to be for connecting a wired device to your SBR and sharing the wireless access with it.