View Full Version : Start registration over?

2009-01-10, 14:41
Ok, I think I messed up the registration, no resetting of the password lets me log in since I registered the first time with my email address, which seemed successful at the time. I don't know if I put in an invalid pin or what. If I try to register as a new user, it says my email address, doninwny@roadrunner.com, is already in use. I used a 5 digit number I found on my SB1 as the pin, maybe it's wrong? I get the Squeezecenter interface for my music files and internet radio on my laptop, so that seems fine. I'm running Vista Home Premium, wireless laptop, SB1 is wired to a Dlink WBR-1310. All I want to do is access Pandora. The SC settings page says my login info is invalid, but my email is recorded as registered already at the SN setup/login page. Any ideas? P.S. this is the error message I get when trying to configure Pandora in SqueezeCenter: There was an error loading the remote feed for Pandora: (A SqueezeNetwork account is required for this service. Please access SqueezeCenter Settings -> SqueezeNetwork with a web browser to configure.) I just can't access my own account!