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2009-01-10, 09:32
Squeezecenter 7.3.1, iTunes 8, iTunes Update 2.7.0, Mac OS X 10.4.11.

I just installed iTunes Update last night so that I could start playing with playlists on my iPod based on least recently played. The Mac::AppleScript stuff took a force install to get on, but appears to be OK, based on running the iTunesUpdate.pl script by hand -

perl iTunesUpdate.pl
usage: iTunesUpdateWin.pl <iTunes Update history file> [loop seconds]

If I throw something short and never-before played into a loop, I get a lot of this in server:9000/log.txt -

[09-01-10 11:22:07.4751] Plugins::iTunesUpdate::Plugin::startTimingNewSong (1101) Starting a new song
[09-01-10 11:22:07.4754] Plugins::iTunesUpdate::Plugin::getTrackObject (1325) Getting Track for URL file:///Users/scott/Music/Genre-Retro/Pet_Shop_Boys/Please/06-Opportunities__Reprise_.mp3
[09-01-10 11:22:07.4812] Plugins::iTunesUpdate::Plugin::startTimingNewSong (1151) Starting to time file:///Users/scott/Music/Genre-Retro/Pet_Shop_Boys/Please/06-Opportunities__Reprise_.mp3
[09-01-10 11:22:40.8779] Plugins::iTunesUpdate::Plugin::stopTimingSong (1214) Stopping timing file:///Users/scott/Music/Genre-Retro/Pet_Shop_Boys/Please/06-Opportunities__Reprise_.mp3
[09-01-10 11:22:40.8783] Plugins::iTunesUpdate::Plugin::getActionForTrackPl ay (1259) Time actually played in track: 33.397135
[09-01-10 11:22:40.8786] Plugins::iTunesUpdate::Plugin::getActionForTrackPl ay (1286) "Opportunities (Reprise)" was played long enough to count as played.
[09-01-10 11:22:40.8789] Plugins::iTunesUpdate::Plugin::getActionForTrackPl ay (1287) Played past percentage threshold of 20.1714 seconds.

What never happens is that the iTunes "Last Played" field doesn't seem to get updated. I've changed the SqueezeCenter startup to be "When I login" instead of at boot, and I've stopped and restarted iTunes to see if it had cached the Last Played info. I also tried changing the stars rating from the GUI interface and that wasn't reflected back to iTunes. I verified that the file:/// path is correct.

Where should I look for additional debugging info or what needs to be tweaked?


2009-01-10, 18:12
For reasons that probably make a good deal of sense, 'Direct Update' is not a default. Once I read far enough through the code, I found that, changed it, and now iTunes is updating and I'm happy again.

Thanks for the plugin.