View Full Version : Synchronize between SliMP3 and Squeezebox broken?

Charles Stanton
2004-04-28, 05:15
I would like to try XSynch, but don't see it either in the server
settings/plugins or on SlimDevices website. Where do you get it? Thx.

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Hi there

XSync uses about the same code to synchronize
players. (Actually I copied most of the regular
synchronize functions and tweaked them a bit.)

The big difference is that you don't need to go
from player to player to sync them but can declare
one master and sync all others with it in one step.

With all that said I can't tell if XSync improves
synchronization at all. But I guess it's worth
a try.


--- Daniel Cohen <danco (AT) f2s (DOT) com> wrote:
> On 25/4/04 at 5:01 pm -0400, Charles Stanton wrote
> >It appears that it is not eneough to set the
> 'remote' players to synch to
> >the main player. You must also go into the main
> players settings and tell
> >it to synch to the others. Try it.
> Don't forget that, in addition to the basic
> Squeezebox
> synchronizations, either on the Squeezebox or by the
> web server,
> there is also the XSync plugin. I've not played with
> it enough to be
> sure, but that might work better.
> --
> Daniel Cohen