View Full Version : Do you use a wireless NAS on wireless 'g' network to feed your SB?

Deaf Cat
2009-01-07, 14:22

I'm thinking of moving my NAS which is only used for back up at the moment.

Shifting it to another room and plugging it into a wireless bridge so it can talk to the router.

Just thinking long term, if I do want to eventually use it for music only for my SB to use, would having it on a wireless bridge cause drop outs?

I was having many annoying drop outs in the mornings untill I shifted to channel 6, now all seems well, fingers crossed it will stay like it!

I've run Slimservers Network test for the last hour and 5000kbps is running 100% :D must say I'm pleasently supprised!

I'm thinking a wav (1400kbps) will need to come from the NAS to the SB. Now not having a clue on networks, does this mean that 1400 of the 5000 will be used from NAS to router and 1400 will be used from router to SB leaving 2200kbps spare.....?? So music should work?

I think basically I'm wondering what is the minimum that .wav can stream on, from NAS via router(attached to slimserver pc) to SB?

Hope my rambling is somewhat understandable :)

Many thanks for any thoughts.


Mark Lanctot
2009-01-07, 14:53
A 2-hop wireless arrangement is never recommended, and seeing as you've already had problems you might want to be careful.

However it works for some people and given the huge variability in wireless networking environments, you may as well try it and see if it works - with a plan to wire it if it doesn't.

Deaf Cat
2009-01-08, 14:11
Thanks for pointing out the thing that I missed, try it the easy prefered way first, if it don't work try another, simple :-)