View Full Version : Airport Extreme wireless to Express Ethernet to SB??

2009-01-07, 08:34
I have an iMac Intel core duo where my iTunes and Slimserver are running. I am changeing from a Linksys WRT54GS router to an Airport Extreme.
The DSL modem will be wired to the Extreme and the iMac will be also wired to the Extreme.
I have 2 Squeezebox units runnig currently wireless. The one in my living room receives a good signal but the one inthe bedroom just get about 68%.

I am wondering is I can connect the one in the living room to the Extreme using the "g" signal and get an Express connected to the Extreme using the "n" sginal to then use it's ethernet output to wired the SB in the bedroom.

Also, does anybody have a step by step process to to make the wirless connections and the connectionto the Slimserver?