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Dolf Dijkstra
2004-04-28, 03:42
Hi Jim,

Are you compressing to MP3 VBR, or CBR 320k. You probably will win extra
space when you compress to VBR without losing quality over CBR.



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Hi All,

A few days ago I posted questions here about re-ripping my CD
collection. Well, I did a trial last night. Even on maximum compression,
most CDs dropped from (average) 550 Mb to (average) 370 Mb. Yes it was
fast, and yes the quality is obviously perfect, but I just don't have
that space! I have a RAID-protected capacity of 160Gb, so I'd struggle
to get more than a couple of hundred albums on there.

Shame. I was all excited about flac, but I just don't have the space to
store all my files in that format. Instead I'm re-ripping to MP3 as
stereo, 44.1, 320kbps, high quality. CDs are taking nearer to 100Mb to
store, which is much more manageable. I can't tell the difference
between the mp3 and the original, and it's all being played on good kit
(Arcam, with QED Silver anniversary cable and MS-901 speakers).

Just thought I'd post this, in case somebody else was in the same
dilemma as me. Yes it's great to be able to rip to flac, but the
compression just isn't quite good enough for my own needs, not without
investing heavily in new storage.