View Full Version : PC Magazine Review

Derek Erb
2004-04-27, 13:57
I just read it last night...wasn't a bad review although left out a
few things IIRC. Overall rating was 3/5. It was being compared to
"media hubs" - many of the other devices in the review also handle
video and other media.

True. Except that the two winners of the Editor's Choice Award (Turtle
Beach AudioTron and Creative Labs SoundBlaster Wireless Music) are both
music-only devices just like the Squeezebox. The "media hubs" were
basically declared as "not there yet".

However some of the comparisons just didn't seem right. The claim that
Squeezeboxes don't have Album Art simply because they don't display on
televisions is not correct, for example, as I personally tend to use the
Browse Artwork function more than others on my SlimServer...