View Full Version : URL doesnt work with the Squeezebox Boom

2009-01-05, 11:22

Im a new meber of the forum, as I got the squeezebox boom for christmas :-)))
Actually I have a problem with one radio station from Hunagry.

The URL is: www.slagerradio.hu/live.asx

When try to play this url with windows media player, everything works fine but unfortunately Im not able to get this running with the boom :-(((

Hope someone is able to help me what I have to do to get this running

Many thanks in advance


2009-01-05, 11:26
The syntax of the asx file is not quite correct so use the URL that is in the asx file

2009-01-05, 11:37
wooooowwwww unbelivable how fast I got the feedback :-)))))
thanks a lot for the very fast answer and help :-)))

it works :-)))) and Im really happy