View Full Version : Transporter FW71 digital inputs and favourites

2009-01-04, 07:45
I wasn't sure whether to add this to the digital inputs bug 4834 or if it is not related. It may well be finger trouble on my part.

I have a CD using RCA coax input and favourite set to select it by pressing and holding 0. Once working - it is fine - I can go back and forth between library and CD (digial input). After a power cycle or SC restart it won't work. The favourite selects the digital input - but no sound. If you go into the digital inputs menu, the wrong input has been selected (not RCA coax). Manually change to this input and it is fine. It seems like the favourite does not completely select digital inputs, RCA coax - just digital inputs.

The favourite is file:///D:/shares/Music/playlists/cd%20player%20direct%20to%20lounge.m3u

The playlist it refers contains the url

Have I done anything wrong here?



2009-01-14, 13:33
answered my own question.

I have removed the playlist with content "source:rca-spdif" and just added a favourite with URL "source:rca-spdif" This seems to work reliably (so far).