View Full Version : Slimp3 skipping packets?

2009-01-03, 11:18
Have one of the original Slimp3 devices. Been operating without fault until yesterday.

After a general system upgrade including installing latest version of squeezeserver i ran into trouble:
Now the device locks up for a while when I press a button on the remote.
And the music sounds garbeled when being played.
When debugging for stream, the server complaints about getting ack on the wrong packets.

Don't really know if it was caused by the general system upgrade or if it was only a coincidence.

Have tried to reinstall slimserver, tried both 6.5.0 and the latest squeeze server, tried to rewrite Slimp3 firmware, tried to move the devices from a wireless network to a closed wired network. Also tried to install slimserver on a different computer with a very small music library.
But the problem will not go away.

Any ideas? I hope it is not a hardware fault in the slimp3 device ...