View Full Version : Severe rebuffering; please help

2009-01-03, 04:15
I have just installed a brand new SB3 (FW 121)
I have an internet gateway (both wired and wireless) and a remote AP (Aiport Express)

I am testing just squeezenet as Internet Radio is my thing

When attached to the gateway everything is fine, either wired or wireless, even if I move away from the gateway till I get a 30% signal

When I move in front of the remote Airport Express (the intended location) I get severe rebuffering. It's like 5 seconds of music and 30 seconds of rebuffering. This even if the signal strenght shows at some 93% level.

The Gateway is connected to the Aiport express via a Netgear XE102, an over the electrical wire adapter.

As I have tried many configurations the problem seems to be either with the Airport Express or with the Netgear Xe 102.

Anybody has had any experience with those ? Any suggestions ? I am stuck ! Thanks, Mark.