View Full Version : How do I map a function to a remote button?

2009-01-02, 13:05
Is there any description how to map a specific function to a remote button? I did not find anything specific in the wiki or in the forum.

I want to map the textsize_toggle function to the sleep button of the tiny remote of the boom. I created a Custom.map file comprising only

sleep.single = textsize_toggle

In the web-interface I then found a drop-down box in the player remote configuration and chose Custom. But the sleep button on the remote still sends the boom to sleep. What did I miss?

And are the defintions in the custom.map file added to the standard definitions are do I have to copy all standard definitions into the custom.map file?

2009-01-02, 15:03
I got it. Restarting Squeezecenter was necessary.