View Full Version : Auto Switch Between SC and SN?

2009-01-02, 07:29
Loving my new Boom but would love this feature. I don't want to buy an NAS to listen to my boom so I turn on my desktop Mac when I get home to serve to it using Squeeze Center. Trying not to waste electricity I have it auto shutoff at midnight. I listen to NPR using the sleep mode when I go to bed. The computer auto shuts down right after. Now the problem is when I wake up I have no radio. I don't want to turn on my computer since I'm only going to be home for a half hour before I go to work. I love to listen to the morning news but it's a pain to have to turn on Squeeze Network manually every morning. To me it just makes sense if you don't have Squeeze Center running on your Boom there could be a preference to auto switch to Squeeze Network instead of having to do it manually. Any suggestions?

2009-01-02, 09:27
Check out Gordon's Server Power Control plugin over in the 3rd Party Plugins forum. You won't find it on the normal plugin pages because it's still in beta, but it does a lot of great things with suspend/hibernate/shutdown/startup, plus switching between SC and SN. Note that to really get the most out of it your server needs to support wake-on-lan (WOL), but for what you describe it should do the trick.

2009-01-03, 14:07
I tried installing Server Power Control and I couldn't get the pluin to work on my Mac using SC 7.3.1. Today I had a wacky problem with my alarm possibly attributed to this situation. The title of the thread is ALarm Bug in the Boom discussions. Any ideas?