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Mark Murray
2004-04-26, 20:25
Does Slimserver support vorbisgain tags? Obviously, it reads vorbiscomments. I
just encoded some oggs, applied vorbisgain tags, but when I played them (through
softsqueeze) they were MUCH louder than my mp3s that I tagged using mp3gain.

Thanks for the info!


Mark Murray
2004-04-27, 15:17
Mark Murray <marklmurray@...> writes:
> Does Slimserver support vorbisgain tags?

Found the answer to my own question. I knew I needed an ogg decoder that
supported vobisgain tags and the only player I found that did that was mplayer.
Thanks to Lars Kellogg-Stedman's recent post entitled "Using mplayer as an AAC
decoder" I got the right string into convert.conf. For anyone interested, that
string is:

ogg wav squeezebox *
[mplayer] -novideo -ao pcm -aofile /dev/fd/4 $FILE$ 4>&1 1>/dev/null

Once again mplayer has proven itself one of the most flexible and useful linux
multimedia tools around! Anyone with a mix of oggs and mp3s using replaygain
tags on each of them should look at this. It'll keep you from having to
constantly adjust the volume!


2005-10-19, 04:11
Is this advice still valid for slimserver 6.1?