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2004-04-26, 17:25
ditto for me-except i am using an iPAQ as a client so it appears to be
server related


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Same problem here...running Win2K Pro Server, Dedicated house server, 2
Squeezeboxes and 1 Slimp3, all hardwired. My favorite playlist is over 400
songs and I get the same random skipping. Use the remote to skip to the next
song or even back to restart the skipping song and it's fine.

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Sounds like the tracks skipping issue is the same for a few people, I also
have a win XP machine running only slimserver and the squeezebox is wired,
it's not a new machine (PIII 600) but all it's doing is serving music. There
seems to be no pattern to the problem different tracks at different times,
the cpu and memory look like they spike a bit when it happens though!