View Full Version : Is a full rescan always required?

2008-12-31, 12:09
Since I added a Duet and have a controller it has become more important to me to fix/fine tune my tagging.

The interface makes it easy to find spelling and "separator" mistakes. Fixing them is easy enough. While I'm working on this project I have a full rescan scheduled for 3:00am every morning. I will turn this off when I'm done.

I occasionally come across what appears to be mix-ups in the database. Wrong thumbnail attached to an album or song. The full size art is correct but the thumbnail is incorrect. These errors will be gone the next day after a rescan and I'll find another somewhere in the collection. Sometimes the wrong songs plays. The information displayed and art is correct but the wrong song plays, however so far it's always been from the same album.

These problems are rare and I probably wouldn't notice them if I wasn't fine tuning and paying extra close attention. Plus, like any new toy, I can't put the darn controller down while I'm listening to music right now.

The question is, can I fix these errors without doing a full rescan?

Thanks and Happy New Year to all.

2008-12-31, 13:18
The look for new & changed scan will only pick up files when the datestamp changes, and a lot of tag editors intentionally don't change that. See if the tagger you're using can be set to update the datestamps, that should help. Anything to do with artwork however, I usually find needs a full rescan.

2009-01-12, 21:13
If you've added new album art to your album folder it looks like a full rescan is required. Whoever wrote the scan for "New and Changed" forgot about the album art "Folder.jpg" in each album folder may be new or changed along with music.

2009-01-13, 04:52
Ah, that probably explains why some of my newly added album artwork (stored as folder.jpg in folders) don't appear when browsing, but do appear in the Now Playing screen when playing these albums.