View Full Version : Remembering multiple music sources

2008-12-30, 20:52
I am connected to my office network at home via a wireless router. SqueezeCenter 7.3 is running on two servers, one on the office network (I'll call remote) and one behind the router at home (local). I have a Squeezebox 3 behind the router as well.

The Squeezebox can connect to both SqueezeCenters but neither shows in the other's Music Source list.

If I am connected to the remote SqueezeCenter and go back into Squeezebox Setup I can connect to either source by browsing. However, once I connect to the local SC, the remote one no longer appears as a music source and I have to enter the IP manually to reconnect.

Is there a way to save music sources or enter them as favorites?


P.S. Before posting, I searched for a similar thread to this one.