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Dolf Dijkstra
2004-04-26, 11:41
Hi Jim,

I am using Linux too, but my ripping is done on winxp. I ftp the files
over and had so for no conflicts. Spaces, ampersands, single quotes are
all handled well. Full UTF-8 characters in the file name *might* be a
problem if you have not set UTF-8 as your default charset.

I do not see any need to rename files as long as you do not put too many
files in one directory. UNIX has the concept of an inode, and that is
more retrictive on the number of files per dir then windows is. But as
long as your collection is not huge (over 1k albums) I would not worry
about that.

My thoughts: just ftp them over in one big batch and don't worry about
the file names.



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Hi all,

Having ripped my entire CD collection to MP3 I'm now looking for a home
for the files, and the ideal place is my RedHat Linux server (switched
on 24x7). Now, all my filenames are currently on a Windows PC in the

Number - Title

In a folder called



Brothers In Arms\01 - So Far Away.mp3
Brothers In Arms\02 - Money For Nothing.mp3

I'm a bit of newbie at Linux, and it seems to handle file names with
spaces (using escape characters). BUT...what I'm looking for are other
peoples thoughts on the filenames. For example, should I rename them all
to replace the spaces with underscores etc. I've already set my ID3 tags
to my preferences, so renaming is fine.

Thoughts please :-))

Many thanks,