View Full Version : No connection to SqueezeNetwork (Squeezebox)

2008-12-30, 01:02

My Squeezebox is working together with my PC via WLAN without problems.
I can listen to my music from the pc...
I even can listen to the internetradio if I run the Squeezplayer.
If I syncronize Squeezbox and Player I also can listen internetradio via squeezebox.

But as soon as I switch off my PC I'm not able to connect to the inteternetradio.

What could be the reson for this?

And I don't have and can not find my Player Pin for the squeezeNetwork,
so I also can not connect to this.

IP Adress of my wlan router :
IP Adress of my PC = Squeezecenter :
IP Adress of my SqueezeBox Player :
Subnet mask :
DNS Server :
DHCP Server : or

with or without dhcp server I have the same problem.

kind regards


2009-01-31, 14:56
DNS Server :
That ain't good, since your Squeezebox won't be able to resolve Internet names.

Have a look in your server.log file, I'm pretty sure you'll find something like this when you try to connect your Squeezebox to SN :

[09-01-31 19:57:58.6582] Slim::Networking::SqueezeNetwork::_error (455) Unable to login to SN: Couldn't resolve IP address for: www.squeezenetwork.com
[09-01-31 19:57:58.6604] Slim::Networking::SqueezeNetwork::PrefSync::_syncD own_error (359) Sync Down failed: Couldn't resolve IP address for: www.squeezenetwork.com, will retry in 170

The cure should usually be to specify your router's IP address as the address to use as the primary DNS server.

Hope this'll help.