View Full Version : Can't play SHOUTcast w/o connecting Squeezenetwork after Update to 7.3.1

2008-12-29, 02:46

Yesterday I have updated my SqueezeCenter to Version 7.3.1. After that at least three things have changed:

1) I can't play SHOUTcast webradio without connecting to Squeezenetwork any longer. This is new. How can I disable this "feature"? After connecting to Squeezenetwork all settings are different (language, style, timeout settings, ...). I don't want to use Squeezenetwork. I want to use my own Squeezecenter server.
2) I can't jump to the next song if "repeat this song" is enabled. The system starts with same song again if I press the forward button. With all older versions this is working fine. The backwards button is working fine.
3) I can't place SHOUTcast Webradio directely in the root directory.