View Full Version : Softsqueeze Sync Issues

2008-12-29, 00:17
I recently upgraded to the latest SqueezeCenter, and have been using the same SoftSqueeze version as has been available for a long time. Now when I start to play an album or playlist, everything syncs fine between my two rooms. However after the first song, there is a slight difference in where the songs are (maybe a half second to a second?). There is also a slight delta if my Squeezebox is playing a song and I then start SoftSqueeze on my computer. In the past, the slight difference that occurred when first starting SoftSqueeze could be corrected by restarting the song. Anyone else seeing this, or know what to do about the problem?


2008-12-30, 01:02
I meant to say also:

- I used to have the older version of SoftSqueeze, but I upgraded to the latest (SoftSqueeze 3.7), and it made no difference.
- songs tend to get further out of sync after each song in the playlist.

Anyone have any ideas? Currently a frustrating experience :).

2008-12-31, 09:11
Because of latency with the software players, vagaries of computer sound cards, etc. sync'ing with software players such as SoftSqueeze has always been a hit or miss proposition. Search the forums and you'll see.