View Full Version : ok this is driving me nuts (adding softsqueeze as player)

2008-12-28, 20:00
just got a brand new duet set for Christmas. first off. I've been waiting. . a long. . long time for this technology. been following to industry for so long and finally waited for this to fall into my price range. . . i know I will LOVE this!

anyhow . . .after some initial frustration with my controller crashing SC (I think it was because I initially set everything up with SNet) i got my library imported into SC. got my one SB receiver working. very good.

now what I want to do is use my main PC as a client player so I can control it with the SBC as well. from what I can tell I need to install squeezesoft (done) and add it as a player in SC. i can't figure out how to do this!! both the SC server and the client are on the same box. . .but that should not matter. .

softsqueeze sees my library just fine and I can control it from the softsqueeze interface, but I want to be able to do so using the SBC as well as having both my SB receiver and softsqueeze playing the same thing


2008-12-28, 20:07
of course. . . i post and then i figure it out right away. . . it was a tiny non-descript, unlabled button in softsqueeze

that should not have taken me 2 hours to figure out

2008-12-28, 20:28
hmmm . . time to start searching. i'm more than unhappy with how unsync'd they are. . .even though they are "synchronized"

2008-12-28, 20:40
Softsqueeze is a dead project at this point. Syncing software based players at this point is not supported.

There is a new software app called sqeezeplay that is designed to replace softsqueeze and is currently under active development. It emulates the SBC on a PC. It has a playback feature, but this (as it is also currently on the SBC) is a beta feature and has some issues at this point. My experience using it with FLAC was I experienced a significant number of dropouts. I can't say that I've used the player in squeezeplay or that I've tried to sync it with my hardware players. I'm waiting until the feature is better cooked.

I understand you are frustrated that the feature you want isn't there yet, but rest assurred that it is being worked on. I have no idea what the target is for the functionality to be fully cooked in a production release.

2008-12-28, 21:24
SqueezeSlave is another app you can try. It is a headless (command line only) player for Squeezecenter. I've never tried sync'ing it to a hardware player, so I don't know if it is any better than SqueezePlay or SoftSqueeze in that regard. I was under the impression that the difficulty of sync'ing software players was an issue with PC sound cards and not necessarily the software.