View Full Version : Random play, track stopping

2008-12-28, 17:43
I am having a problem with Random play>song mix. Every so often the track either stops midway or skips from the midway position to the next track. The Squeezebox is running wirelessly so I tried from another PC on my network which is wired directly to the server using softsqueeze, same result.
Selecting another option, such as ALBUM plays correctly on the squeezebox and softsqueeze,

I am running Squeezecenter 7.3.1 on Windows Home Server after initially trying 7.3.

I was previously running Freenas with Squeezecenter 7.0.1 which had no problems whatsoever.

2009-01-10, 20:44
Just got this thing hooked up. Had a lot of trouble with connection until put hand held right next to wireless router. It is not for the IT novice in my opinion and definitely would not call it plug and play.

Now I find when I am in mix mode (albums) it stops some tracks before the end and switches to the next and others play fully through. Can't figure out the pattern. Original file is fine and is full length when played separately.

2009-01-11, 17:14
check out this thread (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=57456) for more on the topic - looks like you're not alone ;)