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2008-12-28, 11:41
I am looking for suggestions to better ignore audiobook tracks on my squeezecenter with MusicIP.

My goal is to NOT have any "books & spoken" or "audiobooks" displayed in Squeezecenter, nor included in mixes. Out of about 52,000 tracks in my library (222GB), about 31,000 of these tracks are from audiobooks.

I am using headless MusicIP as my music source in squeezecenter. It appears to be installed properly, and I can "clear and rescan" the entire library without problems.

Somehow I'd like to tell MusicIP to NOT load any of the audiobooks. I have explored the "exclusions" and "filters" routes, but none of the discussions are easy to follow.


2008-12-28, 12:13
Open the MusicIP mixer desktop application, select all the audio books, right click and uncheck "Enabled" and close out of the desktop app. Then open the MIP headless interface in the browser. It should indicate that the cache has been changed and give you an option to reload the cache. Then do a scan for changes with Squeezecenter.

Another option is to create a filter in the MIP desktop application that excludes anything you don't want in mixes. Then set this as the default filter for MIP in the SqueezeCenter settings. You will need to create the filter in the desktop app and then reload the cache into the headless server same as described above.

You can also delete them from the MusicIP library.

If you don't want the audio books in MIP or SC, you can move them to a folder that is separate from your music.

FYI - If you have SqueezeCenter 7.3 or higher, you do not need to use MusicIP for your music source. There is a new option that will just have SC get the mixable status from MusicIP. This makes your SC scans much faster. You might want to look into it. With that option you do no have to have the identical library for MIP and SC.

2008-12-29, 10:59
My goal is to NOT have any "books & spoken" or "audiobooks" displayed in Squeezecenter, nor included in mixes.
I'd take MeSue's suggestion and move them all to a different directory - not in the SC or MIP tree - as you don't want it in either listing.

Reminds me of an IT joke from years ago...
Not there but appears to be: virtual
There but appears not to be: transparent
Not there but appears not to be: gone

2008-12-31, 11:43
Open the MusicIP mixer desktop application...

That's the big thing. If you are running MusicIP Headless on a truly headless system, you're going to have to go the route of putting them in another directories. There are several ways to go about what you want using MusicIP, but at present they all involve using the graphical client (what I did was change the preferences file to exclude the "spoken" genre from mixes while leaving them in the library.)

I'm looking forward to if/when MusicIP goes entirely XML with their config, so the headless version can be adjusted without the GUI. I generally run the headless but fire up the GUI to tweak or create filters and such.