View Full Version : SoftSqueeze - love it

2004-04-26, 01:00

Finaly got around to installing SoftSqueeze this weekend - love it. Its
going to replace MusicMatch as my main office/lounge playback method.

Not only does it start up very quickly, but the SqueezeBox server software
sees different XP logins from the same PC as different devices. This means
no more resetting of current playlists bewteen my wife and I.

It's fab bit of s/w, but.....

For some reason playback through SoftSqueeze does not sound as rich as play
back through MusicMatch. Using same PC, sound card, volume etc settings
SoftSqueeze sounds a like it has too much trebble and not enough base. Are
there some settings I can change in the decoder part of the program?

thanks for a great bit of s/w



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