View Full Version : Help! Pandora and Softsqueeze only - no go?

2008-12-27, 11:02
Greetings - I am a newcomer to both Pandora and Squeezecenter, and it's been an amazing experience so far, but now I'm in the process of blending the two together. I don't own any Squeezeboxes, all of my players are PCs running Softsqueeze.

I set up a free Pandora account that I use to listen to Pandora via my PC (web browser) and iPhone. I'd now like to merge the experience into my Squeezecenter setup, but whenever I try to browse the stations I've set up via Pandora, I get the following message - "You must be a subscriber to use Pandora from this device."

At that point I started hitting the wikis, forums, and the Google, and based on my initial results from all sorts of searches, I'm starting to get the impression that the Pandora service is not available to standalone instances of Softsqueeze, where there are no Squeezeboxes in the home that can be synced to. Can anyone verify this, or do I have it completely wrong? Based on what I've read, it has nothing to do with whether or not I have a free or paid Pandora account. I'm starting to think I need a piece of Squeezebox hardware to get this to work. I'd appreciate any info!

EDIT: Two things, yes, I found the posts from 2005/2006 where a hardware player was required. I was hoping that due to customer input over the years that things have changed. Also, I found a post from the Squeezenetwork mailing archive that a paid Pandora account may work, so I'm going to cough up a little dough (Pandora is worth it anyway) and see if that works!

2008-12-27, 11:59
Ok, new question. I upgraded my "free" account to a paid subscription. Obviously my Pandora web account and my iPhone recognized my new paid status instantly. Squeezenetwork is still reporting that I'm using a free account. I have deleted my account in Squeezenetwork (around 3 times), emptied my browser cache, and my new paid status still will not update. Does anyone know how long it takes the Squeezenetwork to recognize the new status? I'm here to tell you it's not updated in real-time. Argh.

2008-12-27, 15:57
Final update - everything works. It took about 1-4 hours (not exactly sure what the exact lag time is) for Squeezenetwork to update my Pandora account status from free to paid. At that point, my Softsqueeze player (3.7) started playing Pandora immediately (I'm still on 7.2.1). Good times.

2009-03-21, 07:15
Has anyone gotten Pandora to play on SqueezeCenter 7.3+?? I keep getting the error "Problem: Can't connect to server for: pandora://[numbers].mp3" on 7.3 and 7.4.

mark wollschlager
2009-03-22, 10:45
I would love to play Pandora through the softsqueeze too.
But just errors out.
Works fine with 2 duets.


2009-05-31, 18:19
It works...
Just subscribe to Pandora One and wait (2 - 3 hrs) for you Squeezenetwork to update and play away on Squeezeplay or squeezeslave.

I spent 4 to 5 hrs trying to get otehr players to work, I could use slacker, but pandora just seems to paly more of what sounds pleasing to the ear