View Full Version : RTSP sources ?

2008-12-27, 10:19

My ISP provides common national radio stations through RTSP streams. Codec used is MPEG not Real.
Is there a way (plugins, config, ...) to simply be able for my Boom box to open these streams ?
I'm using SC 7.2.1 on Synology NAS.

Thank you.

2008-12-27, 10:37
You'll need to define a new File Type and an associated entry in the convert file.

Can you give an example URL - the MIME associated with the URL may also be necessary to identify the media type.

2008-12-27, 10:48

This stream mux 1 video track (simple rotating picture) and 6 audio tracks (6 different stations).
All audio tracks are MPEG audio, don't know if it's Layer 2 or Layer 3.
To access these tracks, I can use VLC with option #EXTVLCOPT:audio-track-id=XXXX.