View Full Version : Videobox release 0.6.0: With On Screen Display (OSD)

Peter van der Landen
2004-04-25, 13:12
Exactly a month after the first release, I'm releasing version 0.6.0 at

The most important new feature is that the Squeezebox VFD display output
can now also be seen on TV in the form of an On Screen Display (OSD).
This makes Videobox less dependent on the Squeezebox's display, which is
good for two reasons:

1. The TV OSD is much more readable from a distance

2. It allows VB to take advantage of the ability of newer
Slimserver/firmware combinations that allow different remote codes to be
passed on. In this situation, VB would appear to run independently from
the Squeezebox that's just quietly passing on the codes. I'll have to see
if & how I can make use of this in the future.

Other changes include remote Wake On LAN support in the VB-Remote client,
a fix to make the VB Player disconnect orphaned 'clients' whenever
slimserver restarts (as suggested by kdf).

The next version will probably add an integrated photo slideshow viewer.

The complete release notes follow:

Release 0.6.0
- Added Wake On LAN option (-w argument) to VB Remote, press red Add
button to trigger
eg: vb-remote.exe -w 00:08:74:a8:f2:f7
- Changed Videobox.pm to send WOL packet only when Add is pressed (from
init mode)
- Hidden media entries made visible become hidden again when the next
client shuts down
- Videobox.pm sends out a server_init packet on startup that clears any
clients that may still have an active session on vb-player.
- Bug fixed in VB-Remote that corrects occasional repaint problems.
- On Screen Display (OSD) added, only works in Fullscreen mode at least
800x600 resolution
Pressing 'now playing' repeatedly will cycle OSD modes Auto -> On -> Off