View Full Version : SqueezePlay and SqueezeCenter on MacMini

2008-12-25, 12:34

I am new to this, so please bear with me. I bought my wife a SB Boom for a Christmas gift. I installed SqueezeCenter on one of my Mac Mini's. All is working great. She can use the Boom to listen to her music and Sirius, so she is happy.

I want to be able to listen to the music via the same Mac Mini that is running SC. I've tried installing both SoftSqueeze and SqueezePlay (at different times, of course). But so far, whenever I try to launch either one of these, the Boom stops playing and the SS/SP do not play either. They indicate that they are unable to play the file specified (i.e. the music that was previously streaming to the Boom). If I kill SS/SP, the Boom works again.

I suspect that this is a simple configuration issue. Any guidance here is greatly appreciated.


2008-12-25, 18:54
Stupid Wild Assed Guess: could the Boom and the Softsqueeze be getting the same IP address on your network?


2008-12-26, 08:41
All of the network devices on my home network are using DHCP, so each one is unique (10.0.1.x). I am NATing to the Internet, so each one will have the same public facing IP address.