View Full Version : How do I FF/REW SB Classic?

2008-12-25, 09:11
I have SB CLassic 7.0 with FLAC files.

I am unable to FF/REW using either the handheld remote or SoftSqueeze. When I press and hold the FF button I can get the 2x 4x or 8x showing but can't figure out what do do from there. How do I get it to advance and then resume play?

Thanks for any help or insight.


2008-12-25, 09:28
Please upgrade to SC 7.3, FF/REW is much improved and the interface is more intuitive.

2008-12-29, 07:25
With 7.3 I see a status bar that advances as I hold the FF button, however when I release the button there's dead silence, the status bar remains frozen mid-song and the the music never resumes playing.

If I hit PLAY nothing happens however if I hit PAUSE or STOP and then PLAY the song restarts at the beginning. I am unable to get any song to resume after attempting to FF.

A friend with a Sqeezebox sent me a song he'd ripped which FF fine on his system but would not FF on mine. All I did was drop it into my library and rescanned for new songs. This suggests the problem is not specific to my files but in some setup feature.

This feature has not worked from day 1. Any ideas?

2008-12-29, 08:38
Check file types settings and do not use bitrate limiting for your player.

If you by mistake is transcoding files then it is not always possible to ff/rew not all transcoded formats supports ff (I'm not exactly sure of which is nowadays).

the old sw did not support any ff in transcoded formats.