View Full Version : Discrete IR codes for Squeezebox in Crestron

2008-12-24, 20:34
Can anyone point me in the right direction to locate the appropriate discrete IR codes for the Squeezebox to program my Crestron system? I am using Crestron's DEAL software to enter IR codes, most of which I have programmed using Crestron's IR receiver box and the original remote controls for each of my devices. The software also lets me enter codes in CCR format - I have found appropriate CCR discrete codes for several of my other equipment on www.remotecentral.com.

I found what I thought was a list of codes for the Squeezebox (they are described in the file as "clean Pronto hex") but the codes don't convert to the correct Crestron format (I used the Squeezebox remote control to enter the POWER code and also entered it from the spreadsheet list and I found but the codes were different and the POWER_OFF and POWER_ON codes which were in the list but not on the remote control don't work at all).

I have seen other posts on these forums talking about "remapping" IR codes in SlimServer but I couldn't figure out how I would do that and, in any case, I'm not sure how I would add extra IR codes into the Crestron system to trigger the discrete Squeezebox codes.