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2008-12-24, 15:31
Hi, been looking through the jungle of streaming-software and have not found any software matching the needs I have (or, I've not been able to configure them correctly).

My needs:
1) I have a program producing sound on my PC.
2) I want to "capture" the sound from said program, and stream it to my local network
3) I want to play the stream on my Squeezebox (Squeezecenter is on a mac)

Is this possible without 50 different softwares passing signals around?

The only "good program" I found so far is AirFoil, I can capture the sound from the app easily and send it to any Airport Express available, but it's not possible to use the AE as input in Squeezecenter, or is it?

Thanks in advance!

2008-12-24, 16:23
I would think that the WaveInput plugin would do what you want BUT I'm not sure it works on MacOS.



2008-12-24, 16:27
There is no version of WaveInput for mac.

2008-12-25, 03:49
Yeah, there's no waveinput for mac..

It's kinda scary, but the most intuitive and easy-to-use softwares out there are made for mac.. I've got a setup that works, but it will cost me $65 if I don't find another way to do it..

If anyone is interested:
On PC: AirFoil for windows
On Mac (SqueezeCenter): AirFoil Speakers for Mac, and Nicecast for Mac

What I want to do is play music from Spotify in my Squeeze, and the folks at Rogue Amoeba has made it simple (as most Mac-developers out there). The interface in "AirFoil for Windows" lets you select a program for output (so I select Spotify), it then sends it to the corresponding software on the Mac (AirFoil speakers) and then I use Nicecast (it allows you to select a application and send the sound from that app out in a mp3-stream).. Easy, no large configurations to mess with, it took 2-3 minutes to get it running.

So, basically what's needed is a windows-program that grabs audio from one app and creates a mp3-stream from that.. Anyone know of a software like that?

If all else fails, I'll have to do it myself.. :)

2008-12-25, 04:50
Windows Media Encoder (incl in Windows) and VLC can both take output from sound card or other sound source and sends as a stream (WME canonly send WMA, VLC can send as MP3).

However what you need is an additional sound source (i.e. a virtual soundcard) otherwise the app has to send audio to real audio. I think Virtual Cable can creates the virtual soundcard.

niels peter hansen
2009-01-19, 13:35
Why bother with cumbersome third party software and Squezecenter. I thought about buying an airport express sound streamer - not needed!!
I tried Nicecast (40$) for Mac to make my own mp3 stream over my local network from a Mac mini to my Squeezebox Classic. You can make your own internetradio if you wish. No Squeezecenter configuration/thirdparty/install problems. Jut an mp3 tream you a as a new radiostation
Worth every penny for my Pandora and Spotify
You can even get Nicecast for Windows.

2009-02-22, 05:10
You can even get Nicecast for Windows.

Sadly you can't (at least I have not found it..), all icecast-software I can find out there are lightyears behind nicecast when it comes to user-friendliness, seems like all non-mac aplications aren made by/meant for pimply linux-geeks with nothing else to do then play with their computers.. (oh yes, I'm bitter at the moment).. :)

2009-02-22, 06:27
So, basically what's needed is a windows-program that grabs audio from one app and creates a mp3-stream from that.. Anyone know of a software like that?

The problem is Windows architecture. You can only grab sound from a soundcard or an audio source with a driver (e.g. a DirectShow filter). Applications are not sources as such but send audio to an audio card for rendering into audio stream.

So you can use
Virtual Cable - to create a virtual sound card which the app will use and then use VLC, WME or whatever to grab sound from the sound card of choice.