View Full Version : Which Duet version (part#) to buy?

2008-12-24, 14:28
I am considering buying a Duet. But I see on Ebay that some are advertised as model #930-000033 and others as #930-000035. Also, I believe the latest is maybe the 930-000036.

Can anyone comment on any differences. Is the hardware different at all? Or will a firmware flash make them the same?
Thanks in advance.. Terry

2008-12-24, 16:55
You do need to make sure you are clear about what you are getting in the Duet system - which is made up of two parts, the Receiver and the Controller.

Those part numbers you have seen seem to be a Canadian thing. As far as I can tell from the Logitech Canada website 930-000036 is the Controller only, 930-000037 is the Receiver only, and 930-000035 is the Receiver + Controller (i.e. The Duet). Check it out for yourself here http://lsearch.logitech.com/search/query.jsp?qt=930-000035&cl=CA%2CEN&country=ca&language=en&accept-charset=iso-8859-1&rq=0&charset=utf-8&la=en&col=corpweb&style=caen&region=AMR

If you have nothing right now then you are going to need the pair - known as the Squeezebox Duet. If you are wanting to expand an existing setup then you can get just the Squeezebox Receiver.


2008-12-24, 17:19
Thanks Davep,
Yes, you're right... in Canada. Maybe the 930-000033 is the US version of the Duet. I need the set, since just getting started. I just wanted to make that the 000033 system wasn't inferior in some way to the 0000035 system. I'm fine with the 930-000033 if it is the latest.

Here is a link to a few: http://shop.ebay.ca/?_from=R40&_trksid=m38&_nkw=logitech+duet&_sacat=See-All-Categories

Thanks again.. Terry

2008-12-24, 17:41
Sorry, maybe you misunderstood. This is not about anything being the 'latest'. The Duet has two individual parts which are sold either separately - each having an individual part number - or as a set - which has its own (different) part number. Thus the 3 numbers will buy you different things, all of which will be of the same physical generation as there has only been one generation (so far)

The only 'latest' aspect relates to the firmware, which can be downloaded and updated once you have got the SqueezeCenter server software running on your PC and have the physical units connected.


2008-12-24, 23:18
Maybe the 930-000033 is the US version of the Duet.

I just checked my box of the US version of the Duet -- 930-00033 is the part number.