View Full Version : Controller Software Update

2008-12-24, 12:37
My controller does not seem to be allowing a software update. My system was working fine, then my wife wanted to add ipeng to her phone. That caused me to up date Raidiator (I use a NV+ to run squeezecenter), I then went and updated to 7.3.1. All of that seemed to go fine. I notice that the software version on my controller says version 7.2 r3191. But the release notes on the website says that I should have 3476. It seems that I have some new features on my controller, but not all that should be there. When I try to do a controller update it says "Copying Update" and the says that it failed and I need to contact support. I tried restoring the controller to factory settings and updating from there, but I still get the same problem. All this and I still never got ipeng to work, but that is a whole 'nother problem now.