View Full Version : 7.3.1: No shuffle from web interface

2008-12-23, 21:50
I just updated to 7.3.1 today.* Now, from the default web interface, I cannot change the shuffle setting for several (but not all) of my players. Fishbone works fine, as does Controller (well, shuffle anyway). Running on OS X Server, no third-party plugins, behavior persists after reboot. Is this a bug, or what am I missing?

* I always cringe when I update SqueezeCenter because it seems like something always breaks when I do - an experience I've had for 5 years using SlimServer/SqueezeCenter. I love the product when it works - own a SlimP3, Squeezebox1, Squeezebox2, Squeezebox3, and Duet, all in active use - but it seems I often find myself trying to get it working correctly again, when what I want to do is listen to music. Sorry for the rant.