View Full Version : Can SqueezeCenter coexist with CheckPoint VPN?

2008-12-23, 20:35
I have just had to install CheckPoint VPN on the machine that typically acts as my music server. I have already adjusted SqueezeCenter to use a different port to be able to load, but CheckPoint appears to block UDP port 3483 inbound by policy (verified in the logs as coming from the other computer running SqueezeCenter on my network), and even stopping the VPN (both the VPN-1 Securemote service and the Securemote watchdog) prevents my Squeezebox from seeing the server [disabling the policy settings has been locked out]. The Squeezebox can see the backup server just fine (which does not have CheckPoint). Does anyone know how to make the two work together?

A few more fun facts - the laptop runs Vista Enterprise and Symantec Endpoint Protection - both of which I have been able make work with my Squeezebox until adding the VPN to the mix.