View Full Version : can Duet work with static IP?

2008-12-23, 02:04
I have recently changed my lan from DHCP to static IPs due to various reasons and unfortunately my Duet system no longer works.
The receiver is wired (gigabit ethernet) to my lan and the controller should connect directly to the receiver. This used to work with DHCP enabled on my router but now is no longer the case.
Of course I did multiple resets, installation of squeezecenter (latest official version), disabled firewalls etc. but non way.

Basically the controller finds the receiver but fails to connect to it. The manual states that at some point I should be prompted to enter a static ip address but never, at any stage, I have been able to do so. Am I missing something? I do not know what else I could do to be honest. I sent an email to the help support but I have not received a reply yet. If someone in this forum is able to help it will be much appreciated since all my music collection is now useless whitout the duet!


2008-12-23, 02:22
Have you factory reset the reciever itself a long press on the button till you see a fast flashing red light, if you see a slow flashing red you have not pressed long enough.

2008-12-23, 03:11
Yes, did a complete reset many, many times unfortunately!

I forgot to mention in my first post that both receiver and controller should run latest firmware (updated themeselves automatically when I switched to 7.3).

2008-12-27, 17:20
I had this exact same issue. I'm not sure if you've resolved this issue already but here was the key for me:

Of course, "factory reset" didn't work (actually it's incorrectly named as most key settings for the devices are retained through this "soft reset". I had to do two things to get it to ask for static IP's as it did during initial setup. First I had to totally disable DHCP on my router. I use static for devices like this but still allow DHCP to hand out addresses for guests. I temporarily disabled DHCP altogether and reset both devices. That got it to prompt for static address input but I still couldn't connect. As crazy as it sounds, I happened to have a browser session connected to my squeezenetwork.com account. As soon as I logged out, the router connection was successful.

Hope that helps. Setup with this Christmas present has been maddening. I'm a network/IT professional with 20 years experience and it's taken everything I have to get this running. Definitely not a consumer grade product!

2008-12-28, 12:49
I understand what you are saying since I had difficulty with my initial setup of my duet. However, how may average consumers will have their home network configured for only static IP addresses and not use DHCP? The average joe wouldn't run into the problem you ran into because they wouldn't know enough to configure their network the way that you have.

2008-12-28, 18:25
Understood, and I would have been inclined to just let it use DHCP if it weren't for an existing issue that the typical user WOULD run into, that being the fact that they don't always pick up an IP when waking back up. So, I ran into one problem while trying to avoid another. Something about "damned if you do..." lol

Besides, my comment was more of a general one. I love the capabilities and price of this product set, but I feel it's far from stable. I'll geek with it, but if my wife presses a button and doesn't get the correct response, it's all over. Again, I'm looking forward to taking advantage of what this thing can do, but I'm about to the point where I just want to listen to some music instead of typing... I'll get through it!

2008-12-30, 16:24
AFAIK if your using the SBR as a bridge it will take care of assigning an IP address to the controller as it creates a separate AD-HOC network. Otherwise, I recommend just setting up static addresses based on MAC addresses in your DHCP server. I find it much easier to manage than static addresses on every machine.