View Full Version : Duet Controler no longer controls Duet, but still works with Boom

2008-12-23, 01:33
Yesterday my Duet Controler only showed about 5 menu items, one of them the "currently playing" (I don't recall the exact name, but you know what I am meaning). This one showed the album that I was listening a few days ago. One item that was missing was the "switch on" item, so I couldn't turn on the Duet.

There was no error or lost connection shown, but I couldn't resume playing no matter what (reset menus, reconnect the Controller to the Duet and the SC server, unplug and replug the Duet). Even after I powered on the Duet and resumed album play from SqueezeCenter (this one worked without any trouble), the Controller didn't pick this up, the "currently playing" remained frozen.

The Controller still worked as expected with my Boom. Switching back to the Duet gave me the same behaviour as before.

In the end I did a factory reset, re-entered the WPA-PSK and all was fine again.

Does anyone has a theory as to what happened there and how I can avoid that this happens again?

Thanks! Martin

P.S. Squeezecenter 7.3, running on a Windows Home Server, player/controller firmwares updated to the ones delivered with 7.3. I will update to 7.3.1 in the next few days. Duet and Boom are ethernet connected, the Controller connects to the WLAN hub (not to the Duet's WLAN). Since I bought a new WLAN hub, I never got any connection issues, the controller always reconnects immediately.