View Full Version : Duet working with Classic?

2008-12-22, 08:18
Hi guys, I am new here. I just got the Duet system after thinking long and hard about Sonos. I want to have 3 zones of music and wondered what the best way to do this is on a budget. It looks like the older models of the classic can be had for cheap on ebay. Will the duet remote work with all the models?

Is this the best way to get several zones without spending a ton of money?

Thanks for the help!

2008-12-22, 08:34
Yes they will, the Controller talks to SqueezeCenter server or SqueezeNetwork who in turn control the players.You can rule them all with the same controller.

I would stop at squeezebox 2 in my search for used players the slimp3 and SB1 has some limitations compared to SB2,SB3,Reciever.

Personally i think the Classic aka SB3 is a better player than the SBR.



happy hunting.